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Tim Cook as King Midas: in his reign Apple's value has grown to record values

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Tim Cook has managed to do something that is unprecedented in the history of American commerce: since becoming CEO in August 2011, Apple's market capitalization has grown by over one trillion dollars.

There are only two companies with a capitalization exceeding one thousand billion dollars: Apple and Microsoft, in practice the two largest companies in the world in terms of capitalization. Cook became CEO in 2010 with Apple's revenues that were just over $ 50 billion at the time and which today are worth over $ 260 billion, practically five times more. The profits when Cook was named were around 11 billion, now worth over 55.

In the past 8 years, he reports Barron's – the stock market price rose dramatically, with shares going from $ 53.74 after the share split at the time (the split in Italy known as the "free share capital increase") to around $ 290 now.

Tim Cook's second time: another Apple entirely

Apple has beaten companies such as Amazon but also Alphabet and Microsoft, which in turn aimed to be the first to obtain a trillion dollar capitalization. The man called to replace Steve Jobs was able to defeat those who had questioned the ability to occupy the role of the late Apple co-founder: a choice that would have shaken the wrists of any long-term manager.

The times of 1996 are very distant, with Apple on the verge of bankruptcy, forced to recall the co-founder who had hunted in 1985. Jobs turned like an Apple sock, up to the debut of the first iPhone. When Jobs announced Apple's first smartphone, the company was worth 73.4 billion. When Cook, previously chief operating officer, was confirmed as CEO in August 2011, Apple's value was 346 billion.

Centuries seem to have passed, however, the company is more prosperous than ever. In recent years there has been no lack of criticism of Cook, with Apple accused of being less innovative than in the past but revealing news has not been missing: new services have been launched, products such as Apple Watch and AirPods, and – it may or may not be – but under Cook's leadership 80% of the company's current value was created.

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