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Tim and Vodafone iPhone rates change

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Telecom and Vodafone iPhone rates change. The two mobile operators have changed costs and, partially, the contract options to coincide with the "natural" expiration of the commercial proposals, five months after the launch of the 3GS version of the Apple phone.

The most significant changes were made by Tim who reduced the plans from five to three by canceling the Starter (15 euros) and the Unlimited (180 euros) to make room for the Tuttocompreso 19, 50 and 80 which cost respectively 29, 60 and 90 euros . With the "All Inclusive + option 2.0" plan of 29 euros per month you get 200 minutes, with the other two 600 and 1000 minutes. Included there is always 1 GB of data. Prices for iPhones range from 399 to 99 euros depending on the models and contracts.

The changes in fact concern only the Tuttocompreso 19 which at 29 euros offers what the Tuttocompreso 35 previously offered from, in fact, 35 euros; the entry ticket for the purchase of iPhones has been retouched upwards for those who sign this type of contract.

For Vodafone the variation of minimum flow rate and of little interest (for the number of users involved given the cost); the Extra Large from € 150 goes to € 180, changes its name (now called Top Club), includes 2 GB of data and 500 minutes of extra calls.