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TikTok clears thanks to quarantine, 315 million downloads in the first quarter

TikTok record with coronavirus quarantine

The undisputed success of the app loved by generation Z due to home use but also the use of information has expanded its range of usability

As often happens, situations induced by unexpected or unexpected events produce causes side effects. Sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant. For TikTok, the quarantine imposed for the coronavirus epidemic was "a godsend". Well yes. Because the well-known social network for video creation, particularly loved by generation Z, has exceeded the share of2 billion downloads.

An impressive figure if we analyze the growth in the first quarter of 2020. In this period of time, the application been downloaded 315 million times, the highest number ever recorded by an app in three months. And if you think that in the same period of time, the second best data concerns WhatsApp with 250 million downloads, we understand the extent of this stratospheric result.

Everyone at home to use TikTok

TikTok record with coronavirus quarantine

The undisputed success that seems to have differentiated the use of TikTok from other social networks and its domestic use. It is the perfect quarantine app because many of the contents posted before were created inside your home, for example recording nice family scenes.

the idea supported by David Nichols of the University of Melbourne which explains: " always the platform for teenagers who stay at home: now this condition affects everyonei ”.TikTok, in fact, for many of its teen users, the social network that best represents them, unlike Instagram which they often consider superficial.

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Perlatro acomunicare struggimo resultedSensor Tower, an analysis company, specialized in monitoring the progress of the app in terms of downloads and earnings on the Android and iOS platforms. She is always very careful to make assessments of a company's positive or negative results.

Tik Tok: the complete guide to the new social loved by young people

The result was therefore the arrival in mass of new users ready to take advantage of what TikTok has to offer. That is, a space, albeit virtual, to escape from monotony and the strict quarantine rules. Ballets, particular playbacks, short comic sketches, whoever has more. The important leisure.

Not just a leisure app with coronavirus

But TikTok not only jokes and fun, but also information. With the spread of the pandemic, the social network also became the space to promote the right behaviors to adopt during the quarantine. And if addirittural, the World Health Organization, opening a profile to help users stay up to date speaks volumes about the media reach of TikTok. And in Italy we are not far behind. And let's talk about the official page of the Red Cross opened on TikTok that every day publishes short clips featuring its Italian volunteers and influencers, with a single goal. Help protect health.