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Thus spoke the fathers of the MacOs

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So spoke the fathers of MacOs logomacitynet1200wide 1

There was talk of MacOs X and programming, Steve Jobs and Apple's past, the prospects of the IT world but also of the future of the platform. Altogether the inaugural ceremony of MacHack, the annual appointment of the "geeks" of the code, which lasted six hours which flew away in a flash. Thanks to the topics under discussion but also to the group of interlocutors present, almost the entire team that develops the original MacOs: Daniel Kottke, Bill Atkinson, Donn Denman, Andy Hertzfeld, Jef Raskin, Caroline Rose and Randy Wigginton. Only Bud Tribble and Bruce Horn were missing while Wozniack sat in the stalls. The strongest criticisms of the prestigious assembly were concentrated on the human interface of MacOs X defined immature or even wrong. According to Jef Raskin even Apple "has forgotten what he has learned through years of work in developing the human interface". Other attendees, such as Andy Hertzfeld, while admitting that Os X's human interface is not yet top notch, said it was an interesting starting point that needs to be implemented and improved. "In any case, MacOs X is better than Windows today." Randy Wigginton confirmed by saying that the interface of Os X should be considered as a "starting point". The group did not then decline the requests to talk about Jobs that they knew well and perhaps better than many others for the role he had at the time of the birth of the original MacOs. Everyone agreed that the current CEO is certainly not an easy guy. In particular, in order to confront Jobs, one must be strong enough to justify one's decisions as he loves to challenge the ideas of his collaborators. His style of management of the company was rough and sometimes not very human, but none of those present questioned that it was only thanks to Jobs that the Mac was born and that Apple was saved from an end that seemed inevitable. stay different. Those present in general agreed that Apple still innovates but only brings about revolutions when it is cornered. According to Hertzfeld Cupertino should pay more attention to the Open Source movement and Raskin added that "it is no longer enough to produce only beautiful casings, it takes radical changes"

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