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Thunderstrike: here's how to quickly infect any Mac

Thunderstrike: here's how to quickly infect any Mac


Thunderstrike: how to infect a Mac permanently in minutes.Thunderstrike, new malware for Mac

2015-01-08 thunderstrike thunderbolt port

Everyone knows it and everyone says it: Macs are safe, do not catch viruses, are unassailable. Well, I'm sorry to destroy your beliefs, but things are not quite like that,especially when we talk about a physical and non-virtual attack.

Even Macs, if attacked with the right tools, "collapse". EgThunderstrike a particular type of virus / malware that can quickly infect a Mac using a device connected to its Thunderbolt port.And the incredible thing that the owner of the Mac may not even notice that he suffered the attack.

But let's see in detail what Thunderstrike is and how it works.

Thunderstrike a particular type of security attack created specifically for Mac computers of Apple and which, as mentioned, works via the Thunderbolt port (hence the name of the attack).

How this simple Thunderstrike works: it is enough for an attacker to have physical access to the Mac. Simply connect an attack device to your Mac's Thunderbolt port and restart your computer to complete the attack. This "trick" works even if the computer is protected by a lock screen: the attacker just has to hold down the power button for a few seconds, in order to force him to perform a hard reboot and the block of the Mac with password.

Thunderstrike, as we anticipated, a malware. In particular it is a bootkit, i.e. a software that replaces the normal Mac boot firmware and therefore overrides passwords on firmware and those that protect disk encryption.

But what does this Thunderstrike do? Is it very dangerous?

Operating system independent malware e even survives formatting and reinstalling the operating system,so I would say that VERY dangerous, also because it replaces the digital signature used by Apple to allow Macs to run only authorized firmware, so it becomes extremely difficult to eliminate,assuming the Mac owner realizes he has been attacked.

It is important to note that, at least for the moment, it is only a demonstration malware, which does not circulate in Ret and which was created by an expert, Trammell Hudson,who simply wanted to highlight the vulnerability and report it to Apple, so that the problem was corrected through an update.

For now for Apple has not yet resolved the issue and the Thunderstrike malware is still fully functional. If you have a Mac, to protect yourself from this Thunderstrike you must absolutely prevent someone from getting hold of your computer. You must never leave it unattended in practice.

We only hope that Apple, already aware of the problem, will work out soon.

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