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Three free apps for iPhone and touch

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Three free apps for iPhone and touch –

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Today among the various opportunities available on the App Store we can find 2 interesting games and a scientific calculator. The first title is the role-playing game Underworlds. With an isometric 3D view we have to explore different locations, having all the characteristics of the genre. In addition to the growth of the character and skills, thousands of objects, armor, weapons, secret locations and so on.

The second free Tiptop game: the last march. Within different imaginative scenarios we must lead our men to salvation by drawing bridges for them to overcome enemies and deadly obstacles. The style of play is reminiscent of that of the historian Lemmings.

Finally we remember Numerus, a scientific calculator that can be useful on students' iPhones but not only. It allows you to enter expressions in a very similar way to what happens with pen and paper. Numerus handyman calculator keeps in memory all the operations and expressions that we have worked on previously, it also allows to memorize 26 variables. Numerus can be downloaded from this App Store page.

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