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This is it, Michael Jackson's posthumous album, will be on the iTunes Store

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After Michael Jackson's death on iTunes, the mania for the music of the "King of Pop" was unleashed, with a sharp surge in sales of the American artist's songs. Fans for, a few days ago, had to face unexpected news: the posthumous album, This is it, would not have been available on the iTunes Store.

The reason? Sony would have stumbled, pretending to sell the disc on the iTunes Store only on condition that Apple only allowed the download of the entire album and not of the individual tracks. Apple would not have liked Sony's stance, bursting and therefore denying the release of the disc, scheduled for October 27th.

Sony has confirmed the opposite for today: This is it will be regularly available on the Apple online store, unlike what has been said in the past few days.

At this point, one o'clock: either Sony has given up, also allowing the sale of the individual tracks, or Apple has given up, allowing an exception to its policy, which instead always provides for the download of the individual songs.

Knowing the Apple style it is difficult to imagine a failure of the Apple, and therefore more plausible to think that Sony has decided to respect the "policy".

For the record, This is it will contain only a new song, the title track, written by Jackson to Paul Anka in 1983; in addition four tracks in demo version and other tracks already published. Appointment then to October 27 for Jacko fans.


[Edited by Giordano Araldi]