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This app turns Whatsapp voice notes into text

It's called Speechless, available for Android and iOS and works for free with messages up to 15 seconds. For longer ones you have to pay

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THE voicemails of WhatsApp they can quickly turn from a useful replacement for the written word to a dangerous mania. Of course, bringing the smartphone closer to the ear activates the internal speaker of the phone making the conversation less bizarre, but there are places and situations such as meetings and cinemas where listening to a voice message, however discreet, to be considered off limits .

(Photo: Becreatives)

in these situations that comes into play Speechless, fledgling little Italian app for Android and iOS that turns notes and voice messages into text for easy reading on the screen. The software is integrated into the phone's sharing menus and appears within the latter with its icon every time you select an audio file: not only WhatsApp voice messages, therefore, but also personal notes. By exporting them using the appropriate button, they are uploaded to the cloud set up by the developers and converted by a voice recognition algorithm. The result arrives on the phone in text format in seconds.

(Photo: BeCreatives)

Speechless not free from defects. First of all, since the voice files end up in the cloud, the app it does not work if there is no connection; for the same reason, those most concerned about privacy may have qualms about forwarding pieces of their conversations to the service. Furthermore, based on audio files recorded in conditions that are not always optimal (perhaps spoiled by strong background noise), the algorithms could incur marginal transcription errors. Fortunately, the bugs that characterized the very first versions have been solved, and the free basic version for vocal notes up to 20 seconds long (the full version costs 2.29 euros): trying it and following its evolution costs nothing; alternatively, Android users have Textr, another free app with practically identical functions, available.


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