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ThinkPad 25 years: this is the retro special edition

ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

Lenovo celebrates 25 years of the ThinkPad its most representative laptop range in the business world with ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

Lenovo announced the birthplace of the ThinkPad during an exclusive event organized in Yokohama (Japan) limited edition model to celebrate twenty-five years of innovation in the design and engineering of PCs. The ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 a modern take on classic design that includes some retro features, which have become iconic, such as the 7-row ThinkPad Classic backlit keyboard, dedicated volume control buttons, various status LEDs and a multicolored logo.

ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Lenovo

The design idea of ​​this special edition was launched by Lenovo on June 25, 2015 via social media, as a way to gather feedback and preferences from ThinkPad fans and fans from around the world. Apart from the classic features, ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 is a completely modern laptop, based on an Intel Core i7-7500U processor with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card and a 14 β€³ touch Full HD display. The model of the anniversary Retro boasts decidedly higher performances than those of the original model 700C to which it inspired.

ThinkPad: 25 years of uncompromising innovations

Designed by Richard Sapper and engineered in Japan at Yamato Labs, the original ThinkPad 700C was announced on 5 October 1992. Inspired by the bent box, the traditional lidded trays that the Japanese use to serve meals, the ThinkPad 700C was the first step of an exciting journey. Over two months, he had already won over 300 awards, quickly becoming a status symbol for company presidents and CEOs.

With 130 million units sold since then it has become an icon in the IT sector. He helped the explorers reach the most remote corners of the Earth, supported dozens of missions in space and contributed to the growth of an infinite number of companies. From this comes the idea to take a look at the past and collect a series of stories the ThinkPad stories – in which this PC has changed the world. But what makes the king so special?

The ThinkPad design creates a perfect combination of form and functionality. Sophisticated aesthetic balance, the best user experience and its famous advanced technology to offer a high level product, says David Hill, former Chief Design Officer of Lenovo. Even today, 25 years after the launch of the 700C model, the brand new X1 Carbon is immediately recognized as a ThinkPad.

ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

The ThinkPad to the 50 what awaits us?

As the technology progressed at exponential speed, the designers and engineers working on the ThinkPad remained focused on their mission to continually reinvent mobile computing, while safeguarding the original concept. From the ThinkPad 701C with its butterfly keyboard to the convertible 2-in-1 X1 Yoga with retractable keyboard, the relentless pursuit of perfection has made the ThinkPad the number one professional laptop of all time. Over the next twenty-five years the ThinkPad will continue to develop, innovate and make available the technologies of the future. Arimasa Naitoh, already in charge of the Yamato Labs and affectionately known as the ThinkPad pap, firmly convinced that the future is in safe hands.

"ThinkPad, from the 700C model to the latest X1 series, has proven to be able to contribute to the digital transformation of companies and offer customers uncompromising mobility," says Naitoh-san. Our team of engineers envisions a future where ThinkPad continues to create new segments and further enrich the experience of customer use, in whose life the increasingly present technology.

ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

25 things you don't know about ThinkPad

1. Design, by Richard Sapper, is inspired by bent boxes, the traditional trays with lids that the Japanese use to serve meals.2. The name Thinkpad comes from the IBM employees' notebooks that reported the word Think in relief. Word often used by the president of IBM, then Thomas J. Watson, Sr. to motivate and inspire his employees.3. The official color of the Trackpoint is Magenta red to overcome the relative safety regulations regarding the emergency switch to shut down IBM.4. Each model has a code name inside. The 700C was called Nectarine, the 701C instead Butterfly.5. The official name of the 701C butterfly keyboard TrackWrite6. ThinkPad 701C exhibited at the MoMA in New York.7. The first ThinkPad to be launched the 700T in April 1992, but it was actually presented together with the 700 and 700C in October of that year.8. The first 700C had a 25Mhz processor. The model presented by Lenovo in 2017 equipped with a processor up to 2.8Ghz, 112 times faster in terms of power with about 7000 transistors in pi.9. In 1993 the 555BJ with connected ink printer was produced. The 755CDV model had the back of the screen that could be removed and the laptop placed on a projector, for those who remember what an overhead projector is! 11. The rubber used for the first TrackPoints was the one used for the roller coaster wheels.12. The rubber pads that we find under the ThinkPad to prevent slipping are inspired by the legs of cats.13. The carbon fiber of the Lenovo X1 Carbon model was not used for the first time only in this model. Some carbon fiber compounds have been used in other ThinkPad models since 1992.14. In the late 1990s, the ThinkPad 800.15 series was born with the PowerPC versions with IBM AIX. The "owl wing fans" are born from the will of replicate the silence effect of Japanese bullet trains. The shape of the fan inspired by the shape of an owl's feathers.16. In reality, ThinkPad is not the oldest notebook brand. Dynabook born in 1989. Even today, the brand exists in Japan. Texas Instruments launches Travelmate in 1990 and still in use.17. The first laptop to actually be launched in Space was Grid Compass, but ThinkPad revolutionized the way astronauts work in space.18. If we align all the ThinkPads in the world, we would cover the circumference of the Earth19. In 2017, Lenovo implemented a new low-temperature welding process. Then started in production, the process saves up to 35% on annual CO2 emissions.20. The new ThinkPadX1 Carbon 3.5 times thinner and 3 times lighter than the original 700C.21. The logo positioned asymmetrically compared to its design. The central version would have been boring! 22. Until 2014, ThinkPad sold 100 million units. There 100 millionth was baptized Eve.23. Most ThinkPad notebooks pass military tests to ensure greater reliability.24. ThinkPad super fan Atli Jarl Martin tattooed the famous logo on his forearm.25. The50th birthday will be Sunday 5 October 2042.