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There is no rose without thorns

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There is no pink without thorns

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NEW YORK Wall Street did not take very well the news that came from the press conference to present the fiscal results. In fact, the AAPl title showed a little comforting -1.8%, mainly due to a non-secondary aspect of the report: the decline in sales of consumer machines. Fred Anderson, as we have already written in a previous edition of Macity, it was announced that the Cupertino company complied with the forecasts for the fourth, but was also forced to admit that "iMac sales have been below forecasts". The failure of the consumer sector had been taken into account for a few months, but in recent weeks there had been a widespread conviction that Apple, with promotions and bundles in the end, would have succeeded in achieving the expected result or would have missed it slightly. Unfortunately it was not so and the 450,000 iMacs declared by Cupertino seemed to be few to financial analysts and to some investors who preferred to sell despite the promise that tomorrow (today for you who read) the consumer sector will present important news. The decision not to update iMac in April, when a speed bump was expected, was therefore reproached in all its unwelcome effects. Then Apple had taken into account an update (to be announced probably in the context of Internet World of Los Angeles) of iMac at 450 MHz but the need not to compete and shadow G4 nailed by Motorola at the same speeds for the past 9 long months, forced to stop the cycle and to postpone the revision so far. Perhaps, not just by chance, the statement of fiscal results with the admission of the flop on consumer machines, comes just the day before the keynote. Tomorrow Jobs will be able to give the list back breath with some surprise announcements. Were it not so and Anderson had to hold his press conference without the CEO's support, probably for the AAPL title the opening of Wall Street would have been very painful.

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