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There is concrete help for all of us spenders: Limit your Call

Prepaid or subscriptionThese are the two alternatives that come before us as possible choices when we go to choose how to use our euros on SIM CardAnalyzing the prepaid in detail, we note how it has undergone a clear evolution since the 2000s to today: in fact it was initially conceived as a means by which it was possible to spend one's credit exclusively for telephone traffic. Now, however, between periodic costs, applications, music and games, our credit can be used in many ways, but it can happen that because of these multiple uses we no longer realize what we spend on the normal calls we are making, with the risk maybe to find us even without sufficient credit to make a call. For this purpose we recommend the use of ?Limit your Call", An application readily available from Android market, which allows us to continuously check the amount of calls that we are making through various specific functions. These functions consist in providing us with notifications at certain intervals that we preset (obviously based on our needs) or Limit to do something more drastic: if you wish , you can setting up this nice application to automatically end calls in progress upon reaching a specific minute so as to sip the remaining creditYou will surely have noticed that these two procedures seem ideal even for users who do not have a prepaid but a subscription, since instead of the credit they must keep the remaining minutes under control: nothing easier, just set Limitaccording to the package of minutes that we have at our disposal.

You can download Limit your Call for free through the following link of the Android Market:(Qr) (/ qr)

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