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There is an Alexa skill that can help you solve your children's fights

Children can be really annoying, especially if you have two and are constantly fighting for one thing or another. easy to tire of solving their quarrels without seeming biased towards one of them.

Well, if you have an Amazon Echo or another Alexa-enabled device at hand, this is another way it can help you now; a new skill of Alexa with the name of "Kids Court" takes into consideration the complaints of your children and provides a completely impartial solution.

To use the skill, simply say "Alexa, open the camp for the kids", then keep silent because the court in session. The skill has some really great touches, with pounding sounds, and the skill that the prosecutor and the defendant ask him to make their statements. Even more impressive is the fact that children can ask what a defendant or prosecutor is if they do not know, substantially reducing your interaction in the fight absolutely zero.

The ability listens to statements and makes decisions based on certain keywords. Don't worry about it, none of the data is saved and the ability fully complies with the children's online privacy protection law. In fact, this is the skill that won the first prize at the Alexa Skills Challenge, so suffice it to say that you can count on "Kids Court".

The ability was developed by Adva Levin, who of the opinion that through the use of this skill children "learn to defend themselves calmly, to articulate their problems in a coherent way and to take responsibility for their actions".