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There are those who "switch" for Xserve

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To switch, you switch, it seems that you do it in a different way than that provided by Apple.

In recent days, we have informed you about the opinion of Tim O'Reilly, who claims the need to direct his partner "Switch" to Linux gurus rather than to Windows desktop users; now an indirect confirmation to this opinion comes from the fact that it seems there are many hardware vendors who are doing good business with Xserve. Xserve for the successful mix of strength due to unix and a serious construction, ease of use guaranteed by elegant software and low price thanks to the "unlimited" license.

For these reasons, many retailers add Xserve to their hardware list, such as the Californian Marathon International Group, which had only sold Sun since 1989.

A New Hampshire retailer, in an interview, said he was surprised by the sales of Xserve and the fact that sales of the Apple rack machine quadrupled last month.

The important factor, also in this case, was the Unix base, which allows ease of communication with other servers and the possibility of running software written in Perl and PHP, databases such as MySQL and programs such as Sendmail.

Other companies believe that the strength of Xserve is the simplicity of use, which allows the management of a server even to non-well-trained staff, facilitating its introduction in medium-small business environments.

[By Marco Centofanti]