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"The world didn't need another Unix"

"The world didn't need another Unix" –

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From summer 1997 to early 2001 Wilfredo Sanchez Vega worked in Cupertino for Apple and, as evidenced by his personal curriculum, he held the position of "Open Source Engineering Lead", that is he drained many parts of the BSD Unix in Mac OS X keeping many relationships with other open source projects open in it.In short, one of the true souls of Darwin and therefore of Mac OS X. Now the former MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology scholar deals with other things, but nothing prevented from participating in a forum session on Mac OS X "O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference" and therefore freely expressing his thoughts on the recent changes in Apple's (now unique) operating system: "Darwin, as an operating system, that not that it is such an interesting project, yet another Unix by itself, but who felt the need for another Unix? "Another phrase extrapolated from Wilfredo Sanchez Vega's conference:" Darwin is only and uniquely interested amente because a fundamental part of Mac OS X and currently there are still some unresolved problems in the latest developments "; "Well Vega, he didn't tell us anything new, the often painful open source war but we are confident that our product can be improved but already superior to others" was the indirect response of Ernie Prabhakar, Apple's manager for the line Unix and its developers. Wilfredo Sanchez Vega is currently an application available for download from the Apple website: DropScript (42 KB).

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