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The wolf loses fur …

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The wolf sheds its fur … logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nothing new on the western front. Microsoft, despite the trials, the newspaper articles, the investigations, the sentence at first instance by Judge Jackson, continues to operate on the market in a way that does not comply with the rules established by the American code and intends to do so to impose also its new produced, Windows XP.A two prosecuting state attorneys who had filed a lawsuit in the trial for illegal exercise of the monopoly, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Tom Miller of Iowa, supported the prosecution. The two lawyers said they were "very worried" about the strategy that Microsoft intends to apply for the spread of XP. Microsoft, in fact, will continue to distribute the operating system integrating it with IE, that is, using the same methodology that aroused the condemnation by Jackson. Secondly, the use of an instant messenger and the so-called "smart tags" will give Microsoft the opportunity to crush another slice of competition and control the Internet experience of users. According to a group of observers and experts on legal issues cited by C / Net the move of the two lawyers would be determined by the general feeling that the Microsoft case is channeling on much more favorable tracks than it seemed a few months ago. The Bush administration was less determined than the Clinton administration in prosecuting illegal monopoly cases, the appeals court was always in favor of Gates in previous cases and Jackson made many mistakes during the first phase of the trial. All this seems to combine if not for an acquittal for a mitigation of the penalty against Microsoft. So the lawyers are trying to draw attention to the case hoping that they can get the attention from the authorities that it continues to deserve.

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