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The will of the future will be written by an algorithm

The will of the future will be written by an algorithm

A software will calculate how to distribute the goods after our death. Here's how it could work

Things survive us. a human requirement: we build, create, buy, sell, give away, exchange items that will not end up in the grave with us.

The conceptual designer Sures Kumar asked himself what happens to a person's assets after death and has decided that nothing should be lost or end up in the wrong hands.

For this he wrote an algorithm capable of tracing a grid that links people to each other and the same people to the objects with which they came into contact during life.

In the video,Beyond Blood –this is the name of Kumar's software – it is tested on the film The Aviator, which narrates the life and vicissitudes of the pilot / forger Howard Hughes. How to allocate Hughes's assets after his death? Beyond Blood does his calculations e draws up the will with relevance. In reality, on the other hand, Hughes's patrimony goes into the hands of 18 grandchildren unknown to him.

We are still at the beginning and the software has more of the artistic installation than the legal instrument. Was it not the same with aerospace science?


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