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The Wi-Fi GPS

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The Wi-Fi GPS –

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Something similar to a GPS system to locate wireless network clients has just been updated (arrives to version 2, after the spring debut on behalf of the University of Helsinki) from the Finnish Ekahau, a name that recalls the divinity of travelers in mythology Maya.It is the EPE – Ekahau Positioning Engine 2, capable of locating and tracking the movements (x and y coordinates) of each client (one hundred every second) that use a WLAN (like IEEE 802.11 and HiperLAN2, but in the future also Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS and UMTS). The software application (no specific hardware required) able to create a plan of the area served with the continuous movements of the clients connected with PDA devices, VOIP mobile phones, laptops, etc. also at the police and fire departments of New York City.Bench the base of the small software (200 KB of HD space and 5 MB of RAM) is one of the fundamental parts of Mac OS X, Java 2, the resp Onsabili of Ekahau have confirmed to us that there is currently no version for Mac, but only for Win NT / 2k / XP / CE. More info in the specific PDF (252 KB).

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