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The variegated wireless of D-Link.

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The variegated wireless of D-Link. –

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Leaped to the headlines of the Mac news a few months ago for the first Bluetooth device that even Apple validated on its Store, D-Link also has a range of IEEE 802.11 solutions both "a", "b", "a / b +" and "b + “, We see the novelty in the field of external bases. D-Link AirPro DI-764 a $ 300“ multinode ”(router) access base that combines IEEE 802.11a (Atheros chip) and IEEE 802.11b ( Texas Instrument). Compatible with the Wi-Fi standard (that of AirPort, also known with the abbreviation IEEE 802.11b) capable of doubling the band reaching 22 Mbps (802.11b +) with special cards but, while reaching the usual 11 Mbps for Wi cards -Fi, at D-Link claim to have achieved a 20% performance gain over the competition. 11 channels available in the 2.4 – 2.462 GHz band (a) and 8 in the 5.150 – 5.350 GHz band (b). For part "a" of the 802.11a standard, the security of the wireless network ensured by 64, 128 and 152bit WEP systems, for that "b" the declared WEP systems are 64, 128 and 256bit. Further info in the PDF (1.1 MB) .Remember that D-Link also has a $ 450 VGA-quality wireless camera as the one reported a while ago.

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