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The "Universal" Homey Hub Homey updates with Homey Energy and helps to consume less

The "Universal" Homey Hub Homey updates with Homey Energy and helps to consume less

We have thoroughly reviewed Homey, Athom's multi-protocol home automation hub with an interface also available in Italian that can include thousands of peripherals with different wireless technologies (Z-wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, RF) that usually do not talk to each other. Now they can also speak to your pockets!

Thanks to Homey Energy, a free update to the software and firmware of the solution released on October 29 you will be able, through the information provided by the smart sockets, the lamps and the data you want to enter directly in the absence of live information, you will be able to determine the real consumption of your system and perhaps compare them with a global measurement (with an amperometric clamp) and above all understand which energy-consuming appliances are and how to manage them in the best way.

The Homey Universal Home Automation Hub updates with Homey Energy and helps you consume less

Homey shows a global look at your current consumption for all devices that consume energy: for example if you adjust the brightness of a Hue Philips lamp you can immediately see the impact of its consumption and all information relating to energy is accessible anywhere and always.

Among other things, many of the devices have stand-by consumption and these also affect the electricity bill: Homey Energy can measure data both on stand-by and when the appliance is turned on.

Solar panels

Obviously Homey Energia also works in combination with the solar panels installed on the home or office and allows you to check if the system generates the expected energy and compares the energy produced with that consumed by the sum of the devices present in your electrical system.

Smart meters

Homey Energia obviously adds the support of smart energy meters to offer all the comparison information available also to identify the consumption that is probably hidden because it is not connected to a smart socket or switch.

In addition to this, Homey Energia detects the current status of battery-powered devices and reminds you when they need to be replaced to maintain system efficiency and suggests the right type for their replacement.

Obviously Homey measures peripherals connected directly to your Hub. If you have a mixed Homey + Homekit system you will be able to detect only those that are seen by Homey and then "falling" also exposed on the Apple system.

Homey Energia available with version v3.0.0 of the Homey software with version 3.0.1 of the Homey app.We remind that the Homey Hub sold on Amazon for 299 Euro including VAT.