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The tablets don't sell anymore

The tablets don't sell anymore

The CEO of Best Buy says this, hoping for a relaunch of PCs and laptops. Meanwhile, however, the tablets are more used than ever

iPad Mini 2 vs Kindle Fire HDX 7 (Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

Best Buy, one of the largest American retail chains, has had a difficult year: in the world the PC sector had the worst year in history in 2013. And even the tablets – in theory the perfect product to replace the computer – did well. CEO Hubert Joly has released an exclusive interview with Re / code in which he explains his vision of future on digital tablets. And not rosy.

Joly claims that tablets have boomed, but in recent months they have collapsed, is that if you have a tablet of a certain generation, don't say that you update it to the next one. The reasons? Prices have gone down and penetration has been fast and profound like never before. To witness this, the latest survey by GlobalWebIndex Trends on the use of tablets to navigate: in the second quarter of the year, in the 14 markets monitored by the company, one user in three with an age between 16 and 64 years connected by a tablet . For the first time, moreover, after a year spent standing between 440 and 450 million, the number of connections from this type of device has exceeded 500 million, arriving in one fell swoop at an altitude of 503.

Meanwhile, for, the boundaries between one product and another they are no longer defined as before ”, insists Joly: "The Microsoft Surface a tablet or a laptop?.The CEO trusts that Applecontinui to innovate and to make products converge in its ecosystem. Its real hope? The return of business PCs and laptops, which have the advantage of versatility.


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