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The tablet revealed in a mysterious online post?

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The tablet revealed in a mysterious online post? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The tablet can recognize the user who is using it through advanced face and voice recognition functions. In addition to the traditional multi touch functions, the new talbet would also be able to understand the finger gestures performed a few centimeters away from the screen surface. The one-finger gesture in the air to turn the page forward or backward, the two-finger gesture in the air to jump to the next article, another circle performed in the air to display the publication index.

These are the most curious and also surprising details described in a post by a mysterious reader published online at the bottom of an article by Silicon Alley Insider. In the piece, the site staff creates a list of the 10 features made possible by the tablet based on the rumors and news seen so far on the Apple tablet. In his comment, the mysterious reader seems to be mocking the article, immediately declaring that he is one of the very few lucky ones who have had the chance to really experience the new Apple jewel live.

Finally, some notes on the appearance of the tablet: the mysterious author declares that very thin: it resembles the screen of a MacBook Air only a little smaller set in a metal chassis. On the back the Apple logo and also two other logos: which the author has not well recognized.

It is no coincidence that the author of the post signed Lucky Jim: it is impossible to establish whether the description is the result of the imagination of a mythomaniac or if the functions described will be those that will amaze the world in a few minutes.

Credit to rogerdodger for reporting

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