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The Swype keyboard arrives on the iPhone thanks to Touchpal


We bring the Swype keyboard to iOS thanks to TouchPal | Cydia

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<p style=Here is a new and interesting guide dedicated to all users with iPhone and iPod.

Today, in fact, we will see together how to install the Swype keyboard on the iPhone thanks to Touchpal.

Before we begin, a brief introduction.

As you know, with the new Android 4.2 update, Google has introduced swype keyboard support for its smartphones and tablets. With a keyboard of this type, in fact, you can write emails, messages and other types of text in an easy, fast and immediate way, by swiping your finger on the display without having to lift it every time.

In this way it is possible to type our texts more quickly and intuitively.

The QWERTY keyboard present in iOS certainly one of the best available today for smartphones: fast, precise, practical and functional, but not customizable like those available for Android. And most importantly, it doesn't allow you to use the convenient swype function.

So if you have an iPhone or iPod and want to try the Swype keyboard on your devices, today we will see how to do it in a simple and immediate way.

The only requirement is the jailbreak of your smartphone, since in order to install the Touchpal keyboard with swype on iPhone and iPod you need to go through Cydia.

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<p style=As we said, today I point out an excellent tweak that, integrated with an application on the App Store, will allow us to use this new writing method. Let's see in detail how we need to use the keyboardSwype on iPhone and iPod.

The Swype keyboard arrives on the iPhone thanks to Touchpal: here's how

How to install the Android Swype keyboard on iPhone

First of all you will have to go to the App Store and download a free application, calledTouchPal Keyboard.

This application contains the keyboard insideSwype, but very uncomfortable as we will have to copy and paste the text in other applications after writing it and therefore would lose the sense of using this fast keyboard.

Once the application is installed, you will have to open itCydiaand search the repo ofBigBossthe tweak in question: TouchPal Input Method.

Don't worry if it has the text that describes the program in Chinese, completely normal.

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<p style=Once you've downloaded and installed the tweak, just go toSettings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Add new keyboard. Enable touchpaleng on your iPhone and you're done.

Now you can use the TouchPad keyboard in any app and not just in TouchPal itself. To make the keyboard active, you will need to press the globe symbol until you notice the activation of TouchPal.

Now you can then type the text by simply sliding your finger on the screen going from one letter to the next: for sure users who have tried Swype on Android will be immediately at ease, while for novices it will be necessary a little practice to gain confidence with TouchPad. In any case, if you no longer want to use this keyboard, you can remove tweak and application or, simply, choose to use one of the defaul keyboards by pressing again on the symbol of the terrestrial globe.

All very simple, fast and immediate.

And finally you can also have the Touchpal keyboard with Swype on your iPhone.

The only negative note of the combined TouchPal + TouchPal for iOS5 / 6 lies in the fact that, at least for now, the tweak that makes the TouchPal keyboard native on iPhone does not support our language. In reality only the English language is supported in addition to Chinese, but it is expected that, given the success of the tweak, the developers will soon be able to update their software introducing, exactly as happens with the TouchPal app, support for multiple languages.

What do you think of this fantastic hack? Will you install it? Would you like a Swype integrated in iOS directly from Apple?

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