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The stroller becomes electric with Bosch: an aid for strolling with the baby

Il passeggino diventa elettrico con Bosh: un aiuto per passeggiare col bebè

The walks with the baby will be less and less tiring, even uphill: Bosch thinks about mothers and fathers and produces the first electric stroller. Perhaps now that we are hearing more and more about electric (and maybe even intelligent) means of transport with two or more wheels – from cars, buses, bicycles to scooters – it doesn't make much of an impression, but undeniable that an electric stroller is curious and that can meet the needs of those parents who, due to physical difficulties, cannot push the wheelchair or who live in places with particularly steep roads to travel.

At a time when mothers who bring babies in swaddling clothes and proposals to get back on the road after motherhood with the baby in the stroller are multiplying, Bosch has decided to concentrate in this sector thinking of a hi-tech pram, equipping a stroller apparently traditional with two electric motors.

The stroller becomes electric with Bosh: an aid to stroll with the baby

The stroller becomes electric with Bosh: an aid to stroll with the baby

The stroller equipped with integrated sensors, capable of detecting if it is pushing or if the stroller is going up or down. The Bosch electric stroller will be able to help parents push uphill, brake downhill and prevent accidents on steep routes. The sensors will also be used to detect when you are going uphill: the parent who pushes, even without the help of the stroller, will be able not to leave the path.

The built-in battery will allow a total range of nine miles, about 14 kilometers: a more sufficient distance to go for a walk without having to recharge the electric stroller.

Bosh will deal directly with the electrical system, while relying on companies specializing in early childhood products for the stroller: the first to join the Swedish company Emmaljunga, which will launch the first Bosch electric stroller in 2020.

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