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The strangest apps to download in quarantine

The strangest apps to download in quarantine

8 smartphone apps you don't expect, to cheat time and have fun

Photo: Pixabay

After the useful apps, here are the futile, but no less interesting ones: perfect pastimes from quarantine to get out of boredom, learn a new habit and, why not, get distracted from the ferocious chronicles of these days, leveraging on irony. Here are eight.

My Virtual Boyfriend (freemium for iPhone and Android) Our hopes of meeting love with a dating app have also ended in quarantine with us. Tinder, Grindr and their sisters languish, waiting for you to see each other at least without risking a fine for a seditious gathering. In the meantime, whoever wants it, can invent his Mark Caltagirone, starting from this app offers a Tamagochi-like virtual boyfriendbut with muscles.

Botnet (free for iPhone and Android) Just play the game on social media: this app offers us the opportunity to live in a world where millions of adoring followers cling to our every word. Small detail: they are all fake. Bot like those that spoil the political debate on social media, which they bring here artificial intelligence at the service of our good mood, providing us with a constant flow of positive interactions. And patience that are bogus.

Sedition (freemium for iPhone and Android) If we can't go to museums, let museums come to us: Sedition is actually more than a museum, a sort of art Gallery smartphone format, which displays digital works and also allows you to purchase them, complete with a certificate of authenticity and all the necessary precautions. At least one way to discover that even bits can become art.

Fabolous (freemium for iPhone and Android) The challenging premise: Fabulous a science-based app, incubated in Duke University's behavioral economics lab, that will help you build healthy rituals in your life, just like an elite athlete. Translated: we could take advantage of these days to make some positive changes to our lives. Why not try it? Fabulous does not propose to change all aspects of your life in one fell swoop. Rather focus on small weekly goals to take on new, good habits.

Pooplog (free for Android) A diary of our bowel movements, with a lot of possibilities to share them on social networks. The aim, of course, is healthy: to understand our state of well-being from the regularity of waste. If a psychoanalyst found it in our smartphone, perhaps he would condemn us, without appeal, to anal phase of which Freud speaks widely in his books. The antechamber, if you like, of a certain narcissism. But in quarantine times (forced) the exception applies.

100 sounds buttons (Android) or Fun Phone Call (iPhone) Home-made also risks becoming the target of nuisances, who are eager to nail us to a tedious telephone chat. If finding an excuse to liquidate them is bad, these apps think about it various noises and annoyances that bring urgency to life and help to end a conversation with a phrase like: I'd like to stay and talk to you for hours, but these barriti prevent me from doing it. Can you hear them too?

Hold the button (free for iPhone and Android)

Occasionally measuring patience, in times of forced cohabitation, can be useful. This app allows us to do it in one click: you have to hold the button central without lifting your finger for as long as possible. Practice makes perfect (otherwise lacking).

Hue Party (free for iPhone) Do you have a smart Hue lamp at home? time to party, thanks to this app that listens to our music and turns it into one light show. In the expectation of returning to a (real) disco.


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