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The Smart Thermostats tado ° in the V3 + version also think about your well-being

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tado, the pioneer and leader in intelligent home climate management, launched the new generation of V3 + products at IFA 2018

Environmental well-being

The new Environmental Wellness Skill helps the user to have a healthier air quality in the home, greater productivity, and better sleep quality for superior well-being. Alluring indications are invited on how to have a more comfortable environment thanks to an overview of your home climate and providing you with concrete, targeted, and actionable advice to obtain greater comfort and, at the same time, they give you tips to prevent health risk factors such as mold.tado t recommends when and how long to open the windows or how to reduce the level of humidity. Recommendations on how much to air certain rooms are based on the level of freshness inside the house and the quality of the air in your area, the presence of people, and local weather forecasts.

For example, if the pollution levels are excessive during peak hours or the concentration of pollen is particularly high, tado will guide you on how to best manage those situations and when it is advisable to open the windows.

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New app for iOS and Android

The Environmental Wellness Skill is part of a completely new app for the V3 + product portfolio. It joins a series of main Skills that assist the user in daily life, such as Geolocation, Weather Data Integration, Open Window Detection, Intelligent Programming, and Detailed Graphs. The app designed so that the user can customize it at will by activating the Skills he prefers to use.

Tado users who wish to receive more assistance in managing their home climate can use the app to book a boiler repair or annual maintenance service, and request a quote for the purchase of a new boiler. The additional Auto-Assist Skill further automates your climate management in the smart home via monthly subscription at 2.99 or yearly at 24.99.

In the presentation we attended Christian Deilmann, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of tado said We are proud to announce the launch of our new V3 + product line, which represents a further step in helping our customers save energy and at the same time , enjoy a comfortable and healthy home. Each unique individual and for this reason we have added a new level of personalization of our app, which is intuitive to use and works as a personal climate assistant.

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The prices of the main line and optional components

V3 + The Smart Thermostat V3 + Basic Kit on sale for 199.99, while the Intelligent Thermostatic Head V3 + Basic Kit now contains an Intelligent Thermostatic Head and sold for the price of 129.99. Additional heating products are available in single or multiple packs to manage individual rooms individually. Allowing savings of up to 31% on heating costs: practically the expense for tado Smart Thermostats is amortized in the first year of use.

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tado offers a 12-month Energy Saving Guarantee, guaranteeing its consumers a full refund during the first year of use and without asking any questions.

The products of the V3 + line are available on Amazon, at major retailers, and on The V3 + devices are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant, integrating into each smart home and increasing its functionality.