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The Skype video call on Android is coming!

Skype undoubtedly become a backbone in the world of communication and it is constantly evolving also in the field of our beloved smartphones, to the point of having updated its "app"Implementing the possibility to make video calls directly from our terminals Android

Initially for this new implementation it was only available on certain terminals such as for example Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro or the Samsung galaxy S; for a few hours instead Microsofthas released the most recent update for this application that allows us to use Skype at 360 also on other terminals than before as on: HTC Sensation, HTC Incredible S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Xperia Play and many others video call function it is activated by ticking the relative item in the program settings as it will be deactivated by default; the app is already available, even if not in the Italian localization, for that we will still have to wait.

"But my smartphone does not appear in the list .. Will I never have video calls on my Android?"

Absolutely not! The developers are already working to implement this function even on terminals up to now not supported, just a matter of time, be patient.

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