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The Sims also comes to Mac

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The Sims will be brought for Mac. The news of absolute importance for those who love our car also for its playful qualities. The Sims, in fact probably one of the biggest commercial successes of the last few years in the gaming sector and currently also the number one, according to the PC Data rankings, among the best-selling games for PC. The root of the success of The Sims lies in its philosophy of play that takes its cue from titles like SimCity and SimTower, products, like The Sims, from Maxis, to bring it to maximum power. If, in fact, those were simulators of urban environments in which the player in fact was a society architect who always remained very distant from the people who lived his creations, here the user becomes a real demiurge of the lives of individuals. The particularity of The Sims, in fact, is that of offering the possibility of creating a social context with its particularities and its personalities starting from the minimum thinkable level: the single human being. Who plays The Sims builds houses, furnishes them, chooses the more minute details than they, like the upholstery, the accessories, the appliances and the style of the garden behind the house and then begin the construction of the single persons to whom a role is attributed in the environment in which they live, friendships, loves and character. These choices, as well as the previous simulators, and the way they are managed depend on the fortunes and misfortunes of the protagonists of The Sims, their success in love and the sympathy they arouse, the ability to scale social steps and establish oneself. these characteristics are easy to understand that from simple game The Sims soon turned into a sort of very sophisticated Tamagochi, a real collective craze to which chats, newsgrousps, dozens of websites are dedicated. Also due to the possibility of extending the default modules to infinity. Not only, in fact, thanks to a rather simple programming language you can add new elements but also "cultivate" characters and then "lend" them to friends who in turn will be able to change their character and social position. This feature continuously enriches the game and contributes to refocusing interest by continually creating new challenges for The Sims users. In recent days, for example, the same creator of the game, Will Wright, who also invented SimCity, has released a "guinea pig" module that turned out to be a potential killer of all the Sims. In fact the pet bearer of a virus that manifesting itself with the symptoms of the flu able to kill the owners of the pig and all those who come into contact with them, in particular if the disease is neglected. On The Sims for Mac, which will be published by Aspyr Media, to work Westlake Interactive that since January has been trying to free the program from the thousands of lines of code written with Windows in mind. "This is one of the most difficult ports we've ever made," said Phil Sulak. vice president of the company that has already made titles like Unreal and Tomb Raider – full of Direct3D calls, DirectDraw and Windows API codes. Only in the last few days have we made some progress. At the moment the game is already quite stable even if there are still a lot of details missing. For example, we have just started working around the sound ". At the moment there are no scheduled release dates although not a mystery that Aspyr hopes to present at the MacWorld Expo in July. On the other hand, it is certain that the system requests will be low: The Sims could also be playable on an iMac Rev A. This is due to the fact that 3D acceleration is not involved and due to a certain seniority of the "concept" of the game which is released only last February it was conceived seven years ago.