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The Settlers review: real pocket strategy on iPhone and touch

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Strategy games on the iPhone and touch abound, but in almost all cases these are titles developed to be played in short games and missions of a few minutes. The fun is there, but real lovers of strategists in real time feel that something is missing. In casual games, the number of aspects to be managed, the units available as well as the buildings and resources are deliberately reduced to concentrate the action and reduce game times. With The Settlers these limitations are set aside to offer on iPhone and touch one of the deepest and most complete strategic titles available today on the Apple paperbacks.

In The Settlers the player has to manage everything: in the role of the civil and military supervisor of a new settlement we have to carefully choose the location of the buildings and the various activities to develop an economy efficiently. To begin with we need to install lumberjacks and stone binders to have the necessary materials to build other buildings and activities. Near the river, the water attendant's hut must be positioned, which will supply water not only to our population but also to farms, bakeries, farms and so on. Once the building of an activity has been positioned, the employee moves independently to recover and distribute the resource until it can be found. If the plants or rocks run out, a new destination for recovery must be indicated: it must be borne in mind that if the road ahead is longer, processing times also increase directly.

To understand the depth and level of connections integrated in The Settlers just think that the construction menu divided into 6 different sections: basic buildings, buildings for producing food, for producing and working metal, city buildings, military buildings and finally attractions . Overall, the game offers 52 buildings divided into the categories listed: each offers services and products that constrain the activity and production of other buildings. So for example it is necessary to send some geologists to find out deposits of gold, coal, iron and sulfur to then be able to build a mine for each raw material. Only after having built a foundry for the transformation of the iron, the player can make forges to build various tools such as saws, hammers, shovels which in turn unlock or make other activities possible. In the same way it is possible to build a forge for the construction of weapons and armor that then allow to build squadrons of archers, knights, swordsmen and so on. If we order the barracks to train new troops and the necessary weapons are missing, the creation of the militias is suspended.

The Settlers offers extremely detailed graphics with top views and isometric 3D. With the zoom level that can be set with the sidebar, we can check the bird's eye view of the settlement or zoom in to observe more closely the activity of a building or a settler. The impression of managing a real colony, with individuals who move and operate autonomously rendered perfectly. In addition to the depth of play at The Settlers it is necessary to recognize an excellent graphics engine, not only as regards the screen output but also for the surprising ability to manage dozens of colonists on the screen without batting an eyelid. After we build our economy and fortify troops, clashes can occur with other opposing civilizations. Even when all our army and all the colonists and enemy troops, iPhones and touches, even the older generation devices, move on the screen, they do not show any slowdown. A remarkable result.

Conclusions For quality of realization and especially for the depth of play The Settlers is currently one of the most valid alternatives for fans of real-time strategy on iPhone and touch. We remind the players that the possibilities offered by the game and the decisional aspects are more concentrated on building an efficient economy, while they are perhaps a little more limited as regards the fighting. However, this is a fundamental part of the game's focus as well as the time required to complete the various missions. We forget 10-minute games because it takes several hours for each scenario with The Settlers. If we are looking for a strategy title that surpasses in depth the numerous tower defense available on the App Store, let's take a look at The Settlers: we will not regret it.

The Settlers available on the App Store for € 5.49.