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The secret side of Steve Jobs

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– By Stefano Gianfranchi –

Steve Jobs not only the founder of Apple and the inventor of the Mac, the most loved computer in the world, also a charismatic character, a leader who made school and created a genre in the American business world of the end of the millennium, a legend of the Silicon Walley.

The book written by Alan Deutschman, speaks of the story of Steve Jobs, from the second ascent after detachment from Apple. Of the flasks of the Next Brands, of the acquisition of Pixar. From his rivalry with Bill Gates, his negotiations with the Disney bosses, his assault on Holliwood and finally his return to Apple, again at the head of his first company, then the planetary boom of the iMac.

Each section of the book meticulously treats the story of Steve Jobs, from the age of 20, up to the present day. There is talk of his second company, Next, a bankruptcy brand that hid for an operating system with enormous potential and a computer too innovative for that period, then again with NextStep, a software and hardware revision of the first Next version.

Pixar, a company in which Jobs did not count at all, given his interests for Next, the assault on Hollywood, the successful negotiations with Disney, the story of the birth of Toy Story, Pixar's first great success, and communication problems with the current vice president and head of Pixar "John A. Lasseter" and the president "Ed Catmull".

The crisis of Next, the crisis of Steve Jobs, who according to the author would have also thought of suicide, passed from boy prodigy who at the age of 20 was the richest boy in the history of computer science, while at 30 he was at shoulders a failure like Next.

Then the great return to Apple, as a consultant, first, recalled by Gil Amelio, then dismissed Amelio from the company's management, returns to direct it and bring it back from the marshland where it had found itself thanks to investments and wrong choices, until the rebirth with the release of the new Macintosh "iMac", then again the "G4".

In the final section you will find details of Steve Jobs's life.

According to several media reports, the American version of the volume was opposed by Jobs himself who did not provide any contribution to its drafting, even going so far as to place legal obstacles to the use of images and information.

An interesting book for those who care to know the most controversial side and from a different perspective the story of the most charismatic character in the IT world.

THE UP AND DOWN OF STEVE JOBS (The Second Coming Of Steve Jobs) By Alan DeutschmanArcana Libripp € 24017