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The secret of the DJ? Mp3 and two iPods

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The secret of the DJ? Mp3 and two iPods – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Having a Mac is not just about living better and making videos or music with simplicity. It is also a professional way to listen to hours of digital music. Apple's small MP3 player, the newly refurbished iPod, in fact an ideal tool not only for personal use, but also for listening to music in company.

A small group of New York DJs (but the same thing is happening in many other cities around the world) has discovered that not only is the iPod a trendy object, but that it can be very useful for working in public events such as parties and occasions meeting in small bars. It only takes two to go on for ten hours to mix and dance the whole place.

For more "home" uses, such as a birthday party, obviously a good amplification system and only one iPod are needed, using the ability to generate playlists and with mixing effects between one song and another. Goodbye then to the heavy bags full of CDs (which were once even more voluminous when they contained the old vinyl records) and welcome to the old and new iPods. Which among other things are now also available for PC …

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