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The secret of successful communicators? Knowing how to stimulate two hormones

How to sell more on the web? One must turn to the instinctive and emotional brain, relying on two hormones. The interview with Andrea Saletti

Dopamine and serotonin are the two key hormones of effective communication.

* Of Matteo Ranzi

Whether it is a website, an e-mail or a speech, if you want to be successful you have to turn to the instinctive and emotional brain, relying on two hormones: dopamine and serotonin. I also talked about this with Andrea Saletti, author of the book Neuromarketig e Scienze Cognitive, to sell more on the web. Here's what he told me.

Andrea Saletti, author of the book Neuromarketig e Scienze Cognitive, to sell more on the web you need to stimulate two hormones1- Let's start with a simple certainty: the target represents the foundations of marketing projects. Here, this certainty today is no longer there, the concept of personas is born and everything gets complicated. Can you help us understand better?Knowing the target very useful to understand how to direct investment efforts and which aspects to work on the most, but not enough to identify the psychological nuances of your average user. Thanks to the definition of the target, you can understand what to propose, but not how to propose it. That's why it is useful, in addition to the target, to define the so-called personas. Imaginary profiles designed to represent the different stereotypes of users that could use your site. Imagine having to create real fictitious descriptions containing behavior patterns, goals, skills, fears, dreams, desires of your typical customers. In this way it will be possible to associate to the behavioral information that you already know those relating to the psychological aspect and therefore have the necessary material to identify how to communicate your service / product.

2- You are brainless and used to tell my wife. Instead, look a bit, I have three. Like any recipient of corporate communication activities. What are these brains? How can we convince all three of them with a single communication?We are used to thinking of the human brain as a single organ, but in reality there are three distinct parts that make it up: the ancient brain (or reptile) that reacts instantly to stimuli related to our survival, the intermediate brain (or mammal) dedicated to the processing of emotions, the recent (or cortical) brain, lazy, slow and committed to logical activities. These three areas behave autonomously even if totally integrated, intervening in the elaboration of external stimuli with influence and timing very different. Communicating effectively means knowing its characteristics, maintaining its cognitive fluidity and avoiding conflicts between the parties. See it this way: we are not thinking machines that are excited, but emotional machines that think and this small reversal of terms makes a sea of ??difference.

3- Attention, attraction and conversion are the dream of every communicator. Obtaining these results depends on the activation of hormones. How do you become a hormone activator?Knowing the emotional stimuli able to regulate the generation of desire. The desire is in fact closely related to the production by the intermediate brain of the two so-called excitatory neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin. The first responsible for controlling motivating behaviors and triggered by self-gratification impulses. The second regulates the tone of the mood and conveyed by stimuli of attraction, not for nothing also called molecule of love.

4- Who thinks to get better communication results than the competition, making structurally different websites is wrong. Why?Our lazy brain, constantly saving energy. To overturn consolidated design conventions / UIs in a specific sector means forcing users to a too high learning effort. Why should they abandon the comfortable old road for a new one that appears steep from the first step?

5- Images are the key to arouse attention and attract.What image would you use to get the readout record for this interview?scientifically proven that human faces looking at the camera are the most powerful in attracting attention … But I think if you put a picture of Beln Rodriguez it works even better.

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<p><em>* In the 80's he discovered his passion for advertising and dreamed of having a large agency of his own. It puts that dream in the drawer. In the 90's university, snow board and car sales for passion. In October 2000 he received his degree in Bocconi, Marketing specialization. He is called in Ingram Micro and in 3 years he becomes Business Manager. His passion leads him to the Marketing Communication and then to Trade Marketing. One evening in March 2009 the drawer closed in the 1980s reopens and he finds his dream. Listening again to Steve Jobs's speech, he understands that the time has come to give vent to his foolish and hungry side. He founded Mille Ottani, the marketing agency he owned and since then he has been chosen every day by multinationals and SMEs.</em></p>
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