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The Secret of Monkey Island for iPhone and touch -50%

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The Secret of Monkey Island for iPhone and touch -50% – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Important update that improves the graphics and playability and price reduction. Here is what awaits fans of the Monkey Island saga (at this link the Macity review), the historical game that is finding a second youth after the release of the version for iPhone and iPod touch.

In The Secret Of Monkey Island 1.1 there are several new features. Some of them are of a graphic nature, such as the revision of the models, now more defined, and of the background, others concerning the sound (some parts and resolutions and the problems of irregularity have been better synchronized with the insertion of the jack in the headphone socket of the iPhone and iPod touch). The acceleration curve of the cursor allows you to better control the characters and actions, a tutorial text and a pop up with the explanations of the commands are introduced, reduced the time of appearance and disappearance of the default action and reduced the sensitivity of the accelerometer for the break. The crashes and some general problems for the 3G version of the iPhone are also canceled.

As mentioned, then, now The Secret Of Monkey Island drops significantly in price: now it costs only 2.99 euros, half the previous price, but only (says Lucas Arts) until Monday, then the price will return to the neutral level. There is also a free Lite version which is in fact a demo, with reduced functions and history.

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