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The second generation Eve Room Homekit multisensor is now available

Il multisensore ambientale Eve Room di seconda generazione è ora disponibile

Eve (the new name with which he now calls himself Elgato) has announced the second generation of Eve Room, indoor multisensor for climate and air quality monitoring with Apple's HomeKit technology integrated. The device boasts a new design, includes a high contrast E-Ink display and anodized aluminum body and sensor technologies defined as "cutting edge", according to the manufacturer, capable of guaranteeing long-term durability and precision.

As always, Eve Room can be managed wirelessly and now integrates a rechargeable battery via micro-USB (previously an AA-type battery was used) capable of guaranteeing autonomy for up to six weeks; after this period, the accessory activates a low consumption mode that measures only temperature and humidity until the next recharge. The operating range varies from 0C – 50C and between 5% – 95% humidity. Phone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 11.4 or later required. The new Eve Room will be on sale from September 12th but now you can book it on Amazon for 99.95 euros.

Eve Room

Eve produces interesting HomeKit compatible accessories for energy management, air quality, temperature, humidity and a movement sensor to make the home more “intelligent”: on Amazon it is possible to buy the Bluetooth-based smart socket that works even without Wi-Fi Elgato Eve Energy, the motion sensor Eve Motion, the environmental multisensor can also detect the level of Elgato VOC pollutants Eve Room, the French window sensor, the temperature and humidity sensor Eve Degree equipped with an LED display and finally the sensor Eve Weather.

All new and updated devices will be present at IFA 2018.

These accessories can be combined with all the others, even from different brands and automate the house both from the point of view of comfort and safety. for example it is possible to start a radiant panel connected to the intelligent socket if the temperature is below a certain value and stop it if above another, to turn on the Philips Hue lights if the motion sensor is activated, to turn on a fan if the high humidity level or the Eve Room sensor indicates that the room in which you are staying needs an air change.