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The second generation Elgato Eve Thermo Homekit thermovalves arrive in Italy

Elgato Eve Thermo

The German company that first believed in Homekit presented several products at IFA 2017 and among the first to reach the market are those that concern heating and represent an update of the Eve Thermo line already on sale for some months. These are valves also for single installation that allow precise control of the temperature room by room.

Eve Thermo

There second generation of Eve Thermo Homekit introduces interesting new features such as the capacitive control and the display showing the set and current temperatures. Obviously being connectable to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV of fourth generation Eve Thermo also integrable in Homekit and manageable through the comfortable voice from Siri. In practice, if you want to increase the temperature of the bathroom or bedroom or living room, all you have to do is ask Siri to set the desired one.

Eve ThermoEve Thermo provides precise temperature control, protection from freezing temperatures and automatic valve maintenance. There is no shortage of energy saving functions such as controlling the opening of the window and the automation of the holidays.

As for all other Eve Homekit devices natively supported through iOS devices also directly and without Apple TV which instead is necessary for remote control on the internet. For management inside the house, it is not necessary to purchase any bridge or thermostat to rely on for connectivity: everything can also take place directly via bluetooth, including detecting presence inside the room.

In detail, the temperature can be adjusted in 0.5 degree centigrade increments through a translucent LCD display and a capacitive touch control: the display activated by a simple touch and turns off a few seconds after the last interaction.

Eve ThermoThrough the Eve app you can also adjust the orientation of the display and mount the valve both vertically and horizontally. It is also possible to have a safety lock to prevent children or the public in an uncontrolled environment from changing the temperature without authorization.The battery has a classic life for this type of device and of 12 months.

In addition to manually Eve Thermo can be controlled with the programming stored inside the device (once done, you do not need to have the phone or Apple TV present) or automated through the Homekit rules or programming or directly with Siri or the Home and EVE apps.

Eve ThermoYou can use the automatic integration with the Eve Door & Window sensor to check the opening of one or more windows in the heated room or use the integrated open window detection in order to save energy when the environment is in direct contact with the outside.

Eve Thermo includes both frost and valve protection and can also copy holiday and weekend settings from your iPhone calendar.

Eve Thermo can also automatically lower the temperature when the last person has left the house, taking advantage of Homekit's ability to manage presences and connecting to other automations.

Eve Thermo second generation also available in our country at a price of 69.95 Euros. It can be purchased in the APR, on the Apple Store and on Amazon. Be careful not to get confused with the previous version that will remain on the market with a lower price.