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The science of Instagram / infographics

Some secrets to learn how to use Instagram in a scientific way and get more "likes"

From a research by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot conducted on a sample of about 1.5 million photographs and just over 500 thousand users registered on Instagram, here are some secrets for you to learn how to use this Social Network in a scientific manner to get actions with target a greater number of "likes" on your posts and get the followers counter up on your personal profile.

PI TAG = PI I LIKE AND COMMENTSInstagram allows up to 30 tags on each photo. From his data, there is a very high correlation between the number of tags used on an image and the number of likes and comments obtained.

THE BEST FILTER: NONEThe photos to which no filter is applied ("Normal" filter setting) have the highest likes-per-followers performance, followed by only three other filters that exceed the average performance.

THE CALL TO ACTION WORKSThe photos that show the words "like", "like" in the caption tend to have greater like-for-followers than those without. If in the caption we write "comment", the number of comments will grow, it seems obvious, but it works like this.

DESATURING THE PHOTOSPhotographs with a low saturation level generally have a higher average of likes-per-followers than those with brighter colors.

PUT US THE FACEUsing a face identification algorithm, Dan was able to find that the images with one or more faces have a likes-per-followers greater than the others of about 35%.

MANY PARTICULARS, MANY LIKE MEIn analyzing the profitability of posts, Dan also calculated the number of subject borders in the photos. The result was that the photos with many objects and shapes yield much more than the average in likes-per-followers compared to those with a single subject.

COLD COLORS ENJOY THE LIKEDan found that those photos with dominant colors like grays, blues and greens have more likes-per-followers than those based on warm colors like yellows, oranges and pinks.

FROM LIGHT TO YOUR PHOTOSGiving brightness to the images helps the visibility of your posts. Those with higher luminance receive more likes-for-followers.

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