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The rights of women in a film for iPhone and iPod touch

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The rights of women in a film for iPhone and iPod touch –

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Phone a high level multimedia platform. Everyone who uses it to watch movies or listen to music, but who can also save cinema, knows it well? The objective is perhaps ambitious and probably, at least for now, pending the launch of the film shop for our market and technological innovations that overcome some of the limits of the hardware, out of reach. But even if it will not be Cupertino's phone to welcome all the spectators who flee the theaters, certainly the capillarity of the diffusion of the iPhone among the public, especially the young one, and the popularity of the App Store, can give a hand in terms of distribution and visibility especially to those creatives inclined to innovation. So thinks Azerbaijani, an iPhone development company that has bet on this prospect, created an application to watch films and documentaries on the iPhone.

The program, which exploits the potential of iPhone interactivity accompanying the film with texts for the synopsis, images taken from the film and the poster, debuts on the App Store with "We also want roses" by Alina Marazzi. Produced by Mir cinematografica, the film was screened with critical success at the Locarno Film Festival and the London Film Festival; the issue of women's rights told through the stories of three protagonists whose lives are followed with images from the sixties and seventies to offer a particular testimony to the season of struggles and battles in the family and in society.

The goal of Mir Cinematografica and Azerbaijani "We also want the Roses", as well as that of highlighting the work of Alina Marazzi, that of demonstrating that there is a market for this type of distribution that perhaps not entirely alternative nor replaced the media traditional, but it represents an interesting complement that at low cost and with a large potential user base, can help to make known and support projects that in its absence may not be able to address an audience as vast as that which has an iPhone or a iPod touch.

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