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The revolution of Open Source Web Services passes through the Mac

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The 1.0 release of Mozilla (and the parallel Netscape 7.0) brings an important technological novelty, even if for now not very visible. The Open Source browser, in fact, contains native support for SOAP, Simple Object Access Protocol, the protocol for making applications communicate with each other through the Internet using XML and logical port 80 (therefore, avoiding most of the blocks set by firewalls) .

But the greatest potential of SOAP lies in the fact that it allows the activation of Web services from the client side. This technology, which is experiencing a period of strong growth, allows thanks to the native SOAP implementation on Mozilla to develop applications on the client side and no longer on the server side.

Apple, in the developer site, presents this innovation, full of possible developments for all the main environments (C ++, Perl, .NET, PHP and Java), as well as an example of SOAP code to be included in an Html page to query directly the API of the popular Google search engine.

The example, created by Apple programmers using a normal iBook with Mac Os X and Mozilla, once again demonstrates the capabilities of the Apple platform and the strong link with the world of Open Source. Within everyone's reach, out of the box.