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The revocation of messages already sent is coming to WhatsApp

Typos, unmotivated jealousy scenes and gossip sent to the wrong contact can soon be deleted from the recipients' device

(Photo: WABetaInfo)(Photo: WABetaInfo)

Goodbye misunderstandings, goodbye to diplomatic crises: with the next feature arriving on WhatsApp the instant messaging service becomes the place of second chances, where you can write on impulse and then possibly retract without consequences. The developers are in fact implementing within the app a function to cancel the sending of messages that have already arrived on the servers of the company and delivered to recipients: a way to remedy typos and written messages on impulse or delivered to the wrong contact accidents that are consumed by the millions on the platform every day.

The option that appeared within version of the iOS app, which it is currently in beta phase and therefore reserved for a small circle of members of the program. Make the most of it: by keeping your finger pressed on the offending message, the usual menu opens, in addition to the usual options, contains an entry for revocation which allows you to take back the words you just typed. The traces of the behind front are still visible: even after the cancellation, the recipient will continue to view the text comic sent, but instead of the original content read from WhatsApp which "The sender has canceled sending the message".

Because the new option for all smartphones should not take long: the development cycle of the WhatsApp app has significantly speeded up over the past few months, and generally the news leaked in these preliminary versions take a few weeks to arrive in the software intended for the general public.


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