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The Radeon 9000 Pro retail is coming soon

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The Radeon 9000 Pro retail is coming –

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Those looking for a new graphics card that offers good performance at an economic price, for their Mac may not have to wait long.

In fact, ATI has announced that within a few days or at most a few weeks, it will release a retail version of the Radeon 9000 Pro.

The card, already present in some of the new G4 released last August, will allow many users of old machines to increase performance in the field of 3D games.

An interesting feature of the Radeon 900 Pro Retail, will be the presence of an ADC connector that will allow you to connect a latest generation Apple monitor without separately purchasing an expensive adapter. On the sar board there is also a DVI connector and in the box also a DVI / VGA adapter is included so that you can connect virtually any type of monitor.

Recall that the Radeon 9000 Pro is an economic version of the new Radeon series, among which the very powerful Radeon 9700 stands out (pending 9500).

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