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The problems of iPhone 4 exaggerated by the media?

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"The problems of the iPhone 4 have been exaggerated by the media." This is the authoritative opinion of Spencer Webb engineer specializing in antennas and transmission, president of AntennaSys, a company that deals with the design and design of antennas and consultancy. "IPhone 4 not hypersensitive to the effects caused by the user's hand as I was led to believe by the media outcry" specifies Webb as the first result after the tests. The technician personally performed some tests on the reception of the iPhone 4 on Friday, just before Apple released the open letter in which he explained the problems of the new smartphone due to the incorrect display of the field bars.

The tests performed by Webb and colleagues are not scientific or laboratory tests but have been carried out by expert engineers in the sector. In the other conclusions drawn immediately after the test Webb declares that "iPhone 4 sensitive to the user's grip as much as the first generation of the iPhone was", finally that the application of insulating tape in the lower left corner, one of the do-it-yourself remedies used by some users to reduce the effect of the handle, does not offer any benefit.

The engineer specializing in antennas and radio transmission has published his findings and the results of the tests on the official AntennaSys blog. Instead of concentrating on observing the bars displayed or measuring the dB in reception, the tests were carried out pragmatically, that is by making phone calls with iPhone 4 and then observing their behavior depending on the grip adopted, obviously including the so-called "grip of death ”in which both hands of the user firmly hold the smartphone in the lower part and in particular in the lower left corner. While the bar indicator dropped from 4 or 5 bars to only 1 with the offending handle, in no case did the AntennaSYS engineers find the link dropped and not even an interrupted call.

In essence, Webb's statements seem to fully confirm the official version of the problem communicated by Apple in Friday's letter: users and tests have been distorted by the incorrect display of the field bars. The AntennaSys president also said that he will conduct more in-depth tests on the iPhone 4 later this week, so it is very likely that we will hear about him again soon.