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The price of the iWatch will be 400 dollars (400 euros)

The price of the iWatch will be 400 dollars (400 euros)


The price of the iWatch will be 400 dollars (400 euros)

The appointment of 9 September, where in theory the highly anticipated and rumored iPhone 6 will be presented should also see the presentation of the iWatch, at least according to well-informed rumors, but we do not hope because we have no information about it.

Many doubts are still to be revealed for the iWatch, first of all the design, which will surely be different from the smartwatches in circulation, then the technical characteristics of which we know nothing at the moment and finally the price where for some analysts they go and give us the first information on the possible price of the iWatch.

According to some rumors, theWatch could cost approx $ 400 which in exchange will become 400 euros, at least as far as emerged from the Re / Code magazine, which is always well informed on the Apple house affairs. The $ 400 price tag will be an average of the various versions that Apple plans to make available for its iWatch. In fact, at least according to the same Re / Code, there will be 3 or 4 versions of iWatch depending on the functions that will be integrated and therefore with a wider price range that will go from 300 up to 600 dollars.

Finally, we close with some concerns about the possible commercialization of the iWatch which in our opinion will not happen before 2015 since nothing has yet been known about the production chains where the Apple smartwatch will be assembled and nothing has been leaked in terms of design and data sheet which makes us think that there is still work to be done on Apple's upper floors.

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