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The price assumptions of Sony PS5 make Xbox Series X tremble

Primi dettagli su Playstation 5

Although the console has not yet been shown, having Sony released only its most relevant technical data in an online presentation that has left many doubts, the first hypotheses for the PS5 price begin to circulate. Some online retailers would publish a price below $ 400. It is lower than any expectation, as well as worrying for the Xbox Series X rival, but how reliable is the rumor?

According to what was stated by Play N Trade Vancouver Island, the console will have a price of 559 or 388 dollars, a hypothesis that remakes in a totally opposite direction compared to the previous rumors; a Danish retailer had previously claimed a price of $ 1,043 for the console.

Canadian retailer Play N Trade Vancouver Island has started receiving pre-orders for PS5. In a post on his Facebook page, the dealer said that the console will have a price of 559 or 388. The fact that the company has already started to receive pre-orders makes the rumor more solid, with a release date scheduled for release. last quarter of 2020, however launch window officially confirmed by Sony.

Playstation 5: Sony confirms its development, but not the name

Obviously, fans can only be positively surprised by the new price hypothesis, even if a previous Bloomberg report had revealed a production price of $ 450 per unit.

At the moment, on its Facebook page, Play N Trade is responding to the accusations of those who label the site as a fraudster dealer, in addition to those who accuse the platform of lying to customers. Several people on Vancouver Island claim that Play N Trade is not a scam site, but the retailer hasn't answered questions about where it got the PS5 price information. The site said that "confident that other large companies" will announce prices soon.

We will still have to wait to find out officially the price of PS5, also because to date, remember, Sony has not even shown the console itself, which many are waiting to be able to admire.