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The portability of the number remains active even in the Covid-19 emergency

La portabilità del numero rimane attiva anche nell’emergenza Covid-19

The portability of the number and the possibility for users of fixed and mobile lines to change their operator quickly and easily will not be suspended for the coronavirus emergency. In recent days, the proposal of two amendments to the Cura Italia Decree Law presented by the League and the 5 Stars that aimed to block the portability of the number for the entire duration of the virus emergency in our country to protect the health and safety of customers had created a sensation and technicians in the field.

Before the two amendments were taken into consideration in the Senate, protests arose from the association that protects the interests of Italian consumers Altroconsumo, in addition to the opposition of several telephone operators, with iliad in the lead and also virtual operators, essentially the companies that are benefiting from the portability of the number.

For both operators and consumers, the blocking of these operations was deemed unnecessary to guarantee the safety and health of customers and technicians, bearing in mind that by now the vast majority of number portability and operator change operations can have arrived, managed and completed without any intervention in person and entirely electronically, with very few exceptions.

Locking portability harms users, ILIAD and virtual operatorsAdded to this were the protests by the operators who indicated in the proposed block an unjustified advantage for larger historical operators, instead penalizing the new realities that are enjoying success thanks to richer content plans offered at more affordable prices. Lash of protests seems to have had the desired effect because both the League and M5S did not present the proposed amendments to the discussion in the Senate.

Positive comment from Mario Coltorti, president of the Public Works commission of Palazzo Madama, reported by CorCom In the period in which the measure would come into force, many companies will hopefully start again. It would risk blocking portability at a time when the whole country is starting again.

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