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The portability lock damages users, ILIADs and virtual operators

Il blocco della portabilità danneggia utenti, ILIAD e gli operatori virtuali

The blocking of the portability of the fixed and mobile numbers proposed in two amendments should last for the entire period of the Coronavirus emergency: if they were approved, they would not only not guarantee higher levels of security for interested users and staff, but would damage users, ILIAD and in general all virtual operators .

These are two amendments under consideration in the Senate for the Cura Italia decree, signed by Matteo Salvini of the Lega and Mauro Coltorti of the Cinque Stelle Movement, among others. First of all, these are two useless amendments, not only in consideration of the delicate situation that Italy is going through now, but because in the vast majority of cases the number portability operations are carried out without the intervention of a technician on the spot, but simply with thematic operations that they are usually completed within three days of the user's request.

portability lock damages users, ILIAD and virtual operators

For several years now, the diffusion of mobile and fixed subscriptions has spread, so the most important share of the market is not the one made up of new subscriptions, but by users who take advantage of the number portability to change operators. For this reason, if the portability lock of the number were approved, the largest companies present in Italy for the longest time would benefit, therefore TIM, Vodafone, and Wind Tre, at a disadvantage instead of ILIAD and all the other virtual operators, younger companies but which in recent years have also grown thanks to and above all the portability of the number, as well as from plans and offers at more affordable prices.

For the reasons summarized so far, it is not surprising that the proposal of the two amendments to block portability was opposed by Altroconsumo, an association that protects the interests of consumers in our country. In a letter sent to the Ministry of Economic Development and also to AGCOM, Altroconsumo declares that the proposal not only restricts citizens' right to access an essential service under the best conditions offered by the market in addition in a difficult period. A phase of forced contraction in revenue. family.

Furthermore, the rule is also completely useless in the part in which it prohibits physical displacements, as already known, already greatly reduced and circumscribed. In line with the provisions of recent legislative interventions, most closed shops and migration activities between mobile operators do not require the intervention of a technician at home, as well as for most landline migrations between operators, except for the activation of FTTH lines. Ultimately Altroconsumo rejects the amendments as a Slap to competition and families.

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