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The Playboy app is without Playmate

Available for Android and iOS, completely naked and focuses on news and curiosity

(Photo: Playboy Now)(Photo: Playboy Now)

Playboy lands (for the second time) in the mobile era. After the launch a couple of years ago of an app for iPad, the famous publication os is completely renewed on the smartphonecon with Playboy Now, a touch friendly version of its Internet site now also available for Android smartphones. As was conceivable, however, the app continues to include only content considered safe.

Breasts are bared, exposed buttocks and all kinds of nudism practically much of what has made Playboy what it is. One of the rather obvious reasons: the conditions of use of Google and Apple digital stores would have immediately marked the app as unsuitable.

The second concerns a broader strategy of restructuring the brand, which for some time has transformed its main facade on the web into that of a common news and curiosity site, reserving the hottest content for the associated


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