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The OnePlus 8 Pro's camera can see through plastic and clothing

The OnePlus 8 Pro's camera can see through plastic and clothing

Following some images spread on the web by different observers, it was discovered that the recent OnePlus 8 Pro includes a particular 5 MP camera equipped with an infrared color filter that allows you to see through some plastic materials used for objects and also through some clothes .

In the camera operating system, the mode that uses this particular camera array is referred to as the Photochrom filter within the native camera app and, as many users have discovered this week, the Color Filter camera allows you to see through some objects, including various plastics.

Twitter user Ben Geskin photographed Oculus Quest controllers, for example, realizing that the Photochrome filter allows you to actually locate internal components through the dark gray plastic of the devices.

Other users have photographed television remote controls, Apple TV devices and more, creating images showing internal circuits that cannot be seen with the naked eye or using traditional photographic sensors.

The OnePlus marketing materials disclose very little information about this camera: OnePlus claims that the Photochrome filter allows the user to "transform ordinary scenes into surreal landscapes", but as the owners of OnePlus 8 Pro are discovering, able to do a lot of pi.

The OnePlus 8 Pro's camera can see through plastic and clothing

The 5 MP color filter camera is essentially an infrared (IR) camera, so if an object does not include a material that protects against IR, the camera can see through it.

In an Unbox Therapy video the YouTuber tested it through a pair of television remote controls, an Apple TV and a Nintendo Switch Pro controller; moreover, as shown in the video, the Color Filter camera can partially see through two black and gray t-shirts.

This is a technologically interesting discovery but that could put OnePlus in trouble because of privacy issues that could emerge from a technology of this kind, which apparently would be able to see through a certain type of clothes, with all the consequences of the case.