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The official Sega Megadrive emulator on iPhone and iPod touch is coming

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All lovers of 16-bit video games will be happy to know that next month the first official emulator for the Sega Genesis, known as Mega Drive in Europe, should arrive on the App Store, perhaps the historically most successful console of Sega which enjoyed a unquestionable popularity in the 90s.

The less young will certainly have massacred their thumbs with games such as Sonic, Altered Beast, Space Harrier and Ecco The Dolphin, just some of the titles that made the big S console great. Now it will be possible to relive those moments.

Ultimate Genesis – this is the name of the emulator – will be available for free with Space Harrier II included; it will then be possible to download within the application, at a cost of 5.99 dollars each.

The emulator was developed directly by Sega and will allow you to run only the games officially distributed by Sega. Therefore fades the possibility of running the innumerable ROMs available online.The games are adapted for the touchscreen of the iPhone and iPod touch and probably some will suffer, given their direct dependence on the joypad controls. We will see how Sega managed to adapt each video game to multitouch.

The hope that the application will also arrive on the Italian App Store. [By Giordano Araldi]