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The night before Christmas of the Big Apple under the sign of the iPad

Easter Sunday, but it seems the night before Christmas. In a cold windswept New York after a very hot day, people start queuing in front of the Fifth Avenue shop. For the two Macitynet reporters, just arrived in the city from the airport, the show was very interesting. Fewer people than expected (after Friday night and tomorrow there is a line dedicated to those who booked) but there are already the characters who have appeared on the web in the past few hours. The shop assistants are calm, they don't officially answer the questions but they make it clear that everything has already been organized and tried. Also because tomorrow there will be not only Apple stores but the other chains such as Best Buy that will sell iPads to bear the impact of the buyers. Meanwhile, outside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, the night owl's shed that is preparing for the vigil is getting longer.

In particular, sipping a cup of hot broth, there is time to have a chat with Greg Packer, the retired man who had already tamed the preview of the iPhone 3G and who now intends to repeat himself: "I have been queuing for four days to get the iPad first, they gave me countless interviews and in the end I am really tired – said the professional of the rows -" I am doing inside and outside the Apple Store (which is open 24 hours a day day, Editor's note) for too long. Tomorrow, when I have my iPad, I can tell you if it was worth it. "

The other guys who are starting to queue, ready to spend the night that promises to be really cold in their sleeping bag, have little to add. "I want to be one of the first to have iPads," says one of the guys, Jack, while a second (who prefers not to say the name) points out that "the beauty of Apple is also standing in line in front of its stores when there are events like this. : live the story live ".

One can speak of "live history", given that journalists from televisions and newspapers from all over the world are shyly peeking out in front of this New York shop that is also the "reference point" for tourists (recently it was learned that one of the five most photographed monuments of the big apple, even before the Statue of Liberty).

The adventure in New York to witness live for Macitynet readers the arrival of the iPad had already started a few hours earlier, under the auspices of the big events. The immigration officer who had checked your reporter's passport and visa had also asked the American customs, what job he did; to the response "technology journalist" the official reiterated without delay "then you're here because of the iPad tomorrow!". If US immigration officials also guessed it, then what is going to happen in the United States must be something very special. A real Christmas Eve.