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The new Twitter rules against those who incite hatred

New Twitter rules

Here come the new Twitter rules that require the suspension of accounts affiliated to groups that promote hatred and far-right groups

Twitter will soon start enforcing the new rules that require the suspension of hate group affiliate accounts that promote hatred "inside and outside the platform". This new policy could lead to a crackdown on some users who call themselves alternative right wing or extreme right wing.

The new Twitter rules

New Twitter rules

As already announced, Twitter will also begin to penalize accounts that include "images and userns that hate hatred", allegedly including Nazi symbologies, and those who "use usernames, display names or profile bio to perpetrate abusive behavior".

For Twitter, the two new restrictions are attempts to combat harassment and rampant abuse on the platform. Users affiliated with extreme right-wing movements and neo-Nazis, in particular, took advantage of the notorious poor control of the social network to feed racial tensions, spread fake news and attack their political opponents, including the Democrats. Earlier this year, they organized a neo-Nazi demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the help of the platform.

Fear of being suspended by Twitter with the new rules

The deadline of December 18 threw some right-wing users of Twitter in fear of a complete and messy "purge", as happened in the past for accounts that praised terrorism. Some said they would move to Gab, a far-right social media, and encouraged their supporters to do the same.

To be sure, Twitter does not explicitly mention the alt-right or neo-Nazi groups in the rules; rather, his new policy aims more generally to outlaw "The specific threats of violence or the desire for serious bodily harm, death or illness of an individual or group of people"."It is not possible to be considered as close to organizations that, with their declarations or activities both inside and outside the platform, use or promote violence against civilians to favor their causes", says the Twitter policy.

The new Twitter rules respond to the criticisms received

For months, Twitter has accused the pressure from users in the United States and regulators around the world, particularly in Europe, to apply a policy designed to suppress hate speech. Recently, the company has begun to remove the notorious blue ticks from users who violate its policies.