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The new tado ° app for smart thermostats and valves shows details about clean air

The new tado ° app for smart thermostats and valves shows details about clean air

tado, a company known for intelligent management of the home climate, has launched its new app promising users an even more detailed overview of the air quality in the area in which they live.

The Munich-based company produces three different types of devices: thermostats for heating systems and valves for radiators to be connected to a common bridge and intelligent air conditioning control for air conditioning systems and heat pumps controllable through a powerful app that manages also the environmental values, the weather, the humidity of the house, and the opening of the windows in the environment.

Users now have the possibility to monitor the types of pollutants and pollen present in the air and to know when it is advisable to air the house or, on the contrary, to keep the windows closed.

Since the risks of living in a polluted environment became known, pollution and the quality of the air inside and outside the home have become increasingly important worldwide. In fact, more than 90% of the global population lives in areas where you can breathe toxic air, an observation that led the World Health Organization to declare this problematic a global public health emergency.

The new tado app shows details about clean air

Providing predictive and real-time data together with a detailed overview of the quality of the surrounding air can help reduce exposure to pollutants. Tado users will be able to view the value of the Air Quality Index (IQA) in the area in which they reside and use this information to act accordingly.

The tado app shows the presence of the most common and harmful pollutants in your area; it also provides a forecast of the concentration of pollen from grasses, herbaceous and arboreal plants.

The new tado app shows details about clean air

The new features add to the manufacturer's Environmental Wellness Skill, which already collects data on the quality of the air outside and inside the home. Without having to purchase a new device, users can view the humidity rate in each room and receive advice on how to improve well-being in the home.

The app integrates various data and represents them clearly to make it easier to read the quality of the air, thus giving the opportunity to make the most of the information to make the environment healthier.

tado products are compatible with Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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